Sacral Chakra Essential Oil

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The sacral chakra is the second chakra located at the lower abdomen. It can be associated with the flow of emotions, sexuality, nurturance, pleasure, and movement.

Affirmation: I express my creative power.

Symptoms of an imbalanced sacral chakra are addiction, poor boundaries, denial of pleasure, oversensitive behavior, or lack of desire. Physically, an imbalanced sacral chakra may manifest as reproductive disorders, lower back pain, knee problems, or lack of flexibility. Among the benefits of a balanced sacral chakra are emotional intelligence, the ability to experience pleasure, healthy boundaries, and the ability to nurture yourself & others.

This Blend Contains...

Jasmine: decrease effects of menopause symptoms and menstrual cramps, aphrodisiac, encourages creativity, passion, and happiness 

Sweet Orange: reduces stress and inflammation, inspires creativity and optimism  

Calendula: joy, creativity, self-confidence, hydrates and nourishes dry skin, heals wounds, assists the digestive and immune system 

Avocado Oil: encourages skin elasticity, hydrates and softens skin, facilitates wound healing, calms inflammation

Suggested Use 

Reflexology: To stimulate sacral chakra healing, massage below the base of the wrist, the internal edge of the sole, sacrum, and on the lower abdomen. Repeat twice a week

Nails: To strengthen and thicken nails, warm oil, and massage into the cuticle. Repeat weekly.

Hair: Massage into your scalp or add a few drops to your favorite shampoo or deep conditioner. This will strengthen roots, moisturize, and encourage hair growth. Repeat monthly.

Use in the bathtub with your Sacral Chakra Bath Salt!

Contains 10ml