7 Chakra Crystal Bundle

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The body consists of seven energetic centers or chakras - each associated with a major organ or gland that affects overall health. If a chakra becomes blocked by things like negativity or poor diet- energy cannot flow freely. As a result, emotional and physical sickness have the potential to manifest. However, when all chakras are open & in alignment, life force energy can flow freely through your body leading to increased awareness and healing!

This Bundle Includes... 

1 Root Chakra Crystal 
1 Sacral Chakra Crystal
1 Solar Plexus Chakra Crystal
1 Heart Chakra Crystal
1 Throat Chakra Crystal
1 Third Eye Chakra Crystal
1 Crown Chakra Crystal

Suggested Use 

1. Lie down in a meditative position.
2. Place each crystal at its corresponding chakra.
Root Chakra: Base of Spine
Sacral Chakra: Below Your Belly Button 
 Solar Plexus Chakra: Upper Abdomen 
Heart Chakra: Heart Center
 Throat Chakra: The Base of Your Neck
Third Eye Chakra: Between Your Eyebrows 
Crown Chakra: At The top of Your Head 
3. Breathe Deeply