Root Chakra Essential Oil

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The root chakra is the first chakra located at the bottom of the spine. It can be associated with basic needs such as health, sleep, belonging, and self-preservation.

Affirmation: I am grounded and abundant.  

Symptoms of an imbalanced root chakra are anxiety, worry, anger, and feeling disconnected. Benefits of a balanced root chakra include grounding, peace, the ability to attract abundance, and feeling in tune with yourself & nature. 

This Blend Contains... 

Bergamot: rejuvenates stagnant life force energy, soothes nervous tension, promotes inner courage and trust in the divine 

Ylang Ylang: calms emotions and physical body, effective in lowering high blood pressure, harmonizes masculine and feminine energy

Hibiscus Flowers: calming, wound healing, relief from mensural pain, strengthens the immune system, hydrates and softens skin

Avocado Oil: encourages skin elasticity, hydrates and softens skin, facilitates wound healing, calms inflammation

Suggested Use

Reflexology: To stimulate root chakra healing, massage below the base of your wrist, sole, and the outer edge of your feet. Repeat twice a week

Nails: To strengthen and thicken nails, warm oil, and massage into the cuticle. Repeat weekly.

Hair: Massage into your scalp or add a few drops to your favorite shampoo or deep conditioner. This will strengthen roots, moisturize, and encourage hair growth. Repeat monthly.

Use in the bathtub with your Root Chakra Bath Salt!

Contains 10ml