Throat Chakra Bath Salt

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The throat chakra is the fifth chakra located at the base of the neck. It can be associated with truth, creative expression, and purity of speech.

Affirmation: I express myself fully and creatively.

Symptoms of an imbalanced throat chakra are shyness, arrogance, gossiping, and poor listening skills. Physically, this imbalance may manifest as throat and ear disorders. The benefits of a balanced throat chakra are clear communication, effective listening skills, and a good sense of timing & rhythm.  

This Blend Contains...

Vanilla: soothing, lowers blood pressure, reduces menstrual pain, inflammation, anxiety, and depression  

Chamomile: calms nerves, anti-inflammatory, skin healing, hormone balance, and provides relief from menstrual pain.

Spearmint: balances hormones, boost digestion, increases focus, fight infection, aids in lowering, blood pressure and blood sugar

Vitamin E Oil: moisturizing, wound healing, protects the skin from damage

Selenite Powder: promotes peace and inner harmony, resonates with compassionate vibrations to encourage healing, cleansing 

Epsom/ Dead Sea Salt: soothes muscles, regenerates skin tissue, stimulates circulation, pain relief, detox

Directions: Add 3-6 tablespoons of product to warm water. Soak for at least 20 minutes. 

Contains 8 oz

No Bath Tub? // Sprinkle bath salt at the bottom of your shower. The steam will dissolve the salt and illuminate its aromatherapy benefits.