Throat Chakra Essential Oil

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The throat chakra is the fifth chakra located at the base of the neck. It can be associated with truth, creative expression, and purity of speech.

Affirmation: I express myself fully and creatively.

Symptoms of an imbalanced throat chakra are shyness, arrogance, gossiping, and poor listening skills. Physically, this imbalance may manifest as throat and ear  disorders. The benefits of a balanced throat chakra are clear communication, effective listening skills, and a good sense of timing & rhythm.  

This Blend Contains...

Vanilla: soothing, lowers blood pressure, reduces menstrual pain, inflammation, anxiety, and depression  

Chamomile: calms nerves, anti-inflammatory, skin healing, hormone balance, and provides relief from menstrual pain.

Spearmint: balances hormones, boost digestion, increases focus, fight infection, aids in lowering, blood pressure and blood sugar

Avocado Oil: encourages skin elasticity, facilitates wound healing, calms inflammation, hydrates and softens skin

Suggested Use

Reflexology: To stimulate throat chakra healing, massage oil at the base of your neck, upward from your big toe to your second toe, and across the bases of your fingers (where they join hands). Repeat twice a week. 

Nails: To strengthen and thicken nails, warm oil, and massage into the cuticle. Repeat weekly.

Hair: Massage into your scalp or add a few drops to your favorite shampoo or deep conditioner. This will strengthen roots, moisturize, and encourage hair growth. Repeat monthly.

Use in the bathtub with your Throat Chakra Bath Salt!

Contains 10ml